How to Keep Your Family Lice Free

LiceNoggins- Arlington Shares their Expertise

By Lena Gorelick October 11, 2019

Keeping Your Family Lice Free

Nothing makes a parent’s skin crawl faster than hearing the dreaded L-word: lice.

Head lice cases are on the rise in Arlington and Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Parents are reporting their kids having lice two or more times per year compared to never getting lice in previous years.

Head lice are highly contagious. Head-to-head contact with an already infested person is the most common way to get head lice. Head-to-head contact is common during play at school, at home and elsewhere, such as sports activities, the playground, slumber parties, and camps. Traditional over-the-counter treatments contain pesticides that are no longer effective. Lice have evolved into “super lice” and have developed resistance to these pesticides.

What to do if your kids are sent home with lice?

Anyone can get head lice. If your child gets lice, it has nothing to do with bad hygiene. In fact, quite the opposite: head lice prefer clean hair as it is easier for the louse to grab hold of hair that is not oily.

  1. Inspect your child’s head at home, especially if your child has an itchy scalp. Look for nits (eggs), nymphs and adult lice.
  2. Call the parents of your child’s friends and have them check for head lice, remembering that earlier intervention can help to reduce the infestation level.
  3. If you are unsure whether what you have is head lice, use this online free lice diagnosis tool to help you identify what you are seeing.

When should you call in the professionals?

Some turn to home remedies for head lice, such as tea tree oil, mayonnaise, oil, vinegar, saline spray and even gasoline. These treatments are messy, time consuming, not supported by scientific evidence and can be dangerous! If you tried an over the counter head lice treatment that didn’t work and you are certain that your child didn’t get reinfested, seek professional help. A lice professional should be called when the idea of treating head lice is just too overwhelming or when you have tried it all and the lice persist.

Why an at home lice treatment service in Arlington and Washington DC Metropolitan Area?

Anyone who lives in a busy metro area with small children can appreciate the benefits of an in-home service.

Remember when doctors used to make house calls? The privacy, the care, the convenience! Services like Lice Free Noggins come to your home so  you can maintain absolute privacy (no worries about being spotted by a neighbor or child’s friend as you go into a lice salon or clinic and no worries about a lice-free sibling contracting a case of lice from the salon or clinic, which happens.). An at-home lice treatment service also allows you maximum flexibility and convenience, as when one child is finished being checked, he/she can return to her at-home activities, no need to wait for siblings and others to be treated.

Lice Free Noggins charges an affordable flat rate for lice treatment in Arlington. Prices are based on the length of your hair and not by the hour. There are no amped-up travel, holiday, evening or weekend fees.  So the cost of treatment for the entire family is significantly lower than hourly charges of salons and other services.

Hopefully your family will never need to seek out lice treatment, but lice can happen when you least expect it, so it’s good to have an easy, effective game plan and nip it in the bud.